Freedom of the press in Montenegro Fact Sheet


This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the current state of press freedom in Montenegro.

This document includes examples of press freedom violations and other threats that journalists face in their pursuit of the truth.

The Constitution of Montenegro ensures freedom of expression, stating that it can be restricted only when it infringes upon the rights of others to dignity, reputation, and honour, or poses a threat to public morality or the security of Montenegro.

Media enterprises in the country typically derive their funding from advertising, their own productions, and various other sources. According to the Law on Media, substantial state aid funds can also be allocated to the media. However, state advertising does not have well-defined criteria by which state administrative bodies select specific media outlets for advertising.

The daily newspaper Pobjeda, which is a state-majority-owned entity, assumed control of 89% of the money spent by Ministries for advertisements in print media.

Journalism is a rather unstable and poorly paid profession in Montenegro, while personal security is also low due to frequent attacks on journalists and the media.

Read more facts on the state of press freedom in Montenegro in our report.

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