Freedom of the press in Moldova Fact Sheet


This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the current state of press freedom in the Republic of Moldova.

This document provides an overview of assessments of democracy and freedom of the press in Moldova from various ratings, such as Freedom House’s Freedom in the World and Nations in Transit, Global State of Democracy Initiative, Democracy Index of the Economist Intelligence Unit, etc.

The fact sheet contains several human rights violations due to decisions taken by the authorities of Moldova. In particular, several cases that indicate the presence of political censorship of the media in Moldova are mentioned:
– amendments to the audiovisual-services code by the Parliament of Moldova, which raise concerns over the independence of the country’s Audiovisual Council;
– the introduction of Informational Security Law, which allows only certain types of content to be broadcast;
– non-support of the independent press by the current government of the country.

Politically aligned media organisations continued to overshadow those that produce fact-based, well-sourced, and objective content.

IREX Vibrant Information Barometer 2022

Many Moldovan citizens strongly disagreed with the decision to suspend the licenses of six Moldovan television channels, which broadcast independent news and often criticised the current government for populism and inaction for its citizens, causing many journalists to lose their jobs. Such decisions by the Moldovan authorities indicate that the country lacks a solid pro-European opposition that would actively fight for a democratic and free future, pushing the current government to take more active action to join the European Union.

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