Freedom of the press in Kosovo Fact Sheet


This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the current state of press freedom in the Republic of Kosovo.

This document includes examples of press freedom violations and other threats that journalists face in their pursuit of the truth.

The Constitution of Kosovo clearly regulates freedom of expression and the media, while defamation has been decriminalised and is currently regulated under civil law.

The Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK), a public service broadcaster encompassing television, broadcasting, and radio, receives direct state funding, which may put the editorial independence of public television at risk.

Journalists in Kosovo have limited professional rights and are not sufficiently paid, while often, media employers fail to compensate them. However, out of apprehension about potential job loss, journalists refrain from expressing their concerns, and instances of contract breaches often go unreported to authorities or remain undisclosed to the public.

Annually, around 20 cases of intimidation, obstruction of duties or threats against journalists are registered in Kosovo.

Since the beginning of 2023, an increasing number of assaults on journalists and media personnel have been recorded in northern Kosovo, escalating after the protests in the region.

Read more facts on the state of press freedom in Kosovo in our report.

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