Freedom of the press in Albania Fact Sheet


This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the current state of press freedom in the Republic of Albania.

This document includes examples of press freedom violations and other threats that journalists face in their pursuit of the truth.

The Albanian constitution protects freedom of expression and freedom of media, while it prohibits censorship of the media. Yet, the law may require the granting of authorisation for operating a radio or a television station.

Since the end of the communist era, Albania has developed a tradition of robust self-regulation within the print press, leading to a relatively limited legal framework governing print media.

Under the influence of media proprietors with political and economic motives, numerous Albanian journalists opt for self-censorship.

80% of journalists in Albania perceive their job security as fragile and often practice self-censorship as a protective measure.

The job market for media professionals in Albania is characterised by instability, with journalists frequently operating without formal contracts, offering unpaid overtime work, and encountering delays in salary disbursement. These challenges compromise their professional motivation and job security.

Read more facts on the state of press freedom in Albania in our report.

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