Blog/The government continues targeted crackdown on press in Moldova 

The government continues targeted crackdown on press in Moldova 

By Stop Media BanMarch 22, 2024

The Moldovan government suspends another TV channel license putting the media freedoms seriously in question 

Press Release

Chișinău, Moldova, 22 March 2024 — The Moldovan government suspended the license of another TV channel continuing the crackdown on press freedom in the country. The decision of the temporary license suspension was made by the Council for the Promotion of Investment Projects of National Importance on 21 March. A Moldovan organisation of journalists says that the closure of the channels puts the notion of freedom of speech at risk in Moldova.  

“This case yet again shows that we do not have free media left in Moldova, as the government is concerned that the TV channel can “affect the security of the state”. Our government treats journalists as criminals and this should be of a big concern to the international community,” says the President of Stop Media Ban Ludmila Belcencova.  

The press release announcing license suspension states that the motives come from the concerns of State Security. According to the press release, the company owner of the Channel 5 has previously submitted all required documentation for review, however the Council temporarily suspended the license due to the volume of the files for examination.  

“It is now two years that the journalism in Moldova is regulated not by the Audiovisual Council but by the bodies that have nothing to do with media, such as the temporary commission created to mitigate the energy crisis or investments. This only shows that our government is too afraid of the pluralism of opinions and the voices of people. There is no longer freedom of speech in Moldova,” said Belcencova. 

“We are calling on the international community to take a stance against the repressions on press freedom and freedom of speech in Moldova. If we long for the European future, we must embrace European values, and it means protecting the voices of our citizens,” concluded Belcencova. 

About Stop Media Ban: Stop Media Ban is a non-governmental organisation of journalists established after the broad ban of media outlets in Moldova in 2022. Stop Media Ban is now dedicated to fighting for the rights of journalists and freedom of the press in Moldova and worldwide. Learn more by visiting  

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President of Stop Media Ban