Blog/Reporters Without Borders released the World Press Freedom Index 2023

Reporters Without Borders released the World Press Freedom Index 2023

By Stop Media BanMay 4, 2023

Stop Media Ban Calls for Press Freedom in Moldova as the Annual World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders Is Released

Press Release

Chișinău, Moldova, May 4, 2023 – Yesterday, on World Press Freedom Day, an international organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) issued their annual ranking World Press Freedom Index. According to this year’s ranking, Moldova scored 77.62 points out of 100, rating the country 28th out of 180, 12 positions higher than last year. However, the results of this ranking do not correspond to the current situation with freedom of the press in the country.

Many journalists and media workers have lost their jobs and freedom of expression, depriving the Moldovan population of the right to information, says the association of journalists in defense press freedom in Moldova, Stop Media Ban.

While the World Press Freedom Index puts Moldova in 28th place, the journalists are denied the platform for fair and free reporting,” said Alexei Lungu, the spokesperson of the Stop Media Ban, a movement of journalists aimed to stop media repressions in Moldova and beyond.

We express our disagreement not only with the results of the rating that makes the world think that the press freedom situation in Moldova is satisfactory but also with the actions taken by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova in this regard, namely the false accusation of serving foreign interests and the closure of six national TV channels that did not violate the country’s broadcasting rules. We are concerned that journalists cannot cover events in the country and the world. Our government has intentionally chosen the politics of suppressing the freedom of speech and press. It is a strategy that they use to disinform society on an international level. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Moldovan government has deprived their state of one of the most fundamental pillars of democracy and restricted its freedoms,” added Lungu.

World Press Freedom Index should observe the freedom of the press situation in Moldova from all angles and perspectives. We want the world to know that the Moldovan authorities have banned their journalists. Their actions do not align with European values and deprive Moldovans of their human rights, such as the right to information. We believe that a free and independent press is essential in every country, and we hope one day to match those scores and take place given to our state in this year’s press freedom ranking,” concluded Lungu.

Stop Media Ban is an organization fighting for the freedom of the press.

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