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Journalists banned from the 2nd European Political Community Summit

By Stop Media BanMay 31, 2023

Stop Media Ban Calls for Press Freedom in Moldova as the 2nd European Political Community Summit Denies Accreditation to the Association of Independent Journalists Without Explanation

Press Release

Chișinău, Moldova, May 31, 2023 – The organization of independent journalists Stop Media Ban was denied accreditation for the 2nd European Political Community Summit, which will be held in the Republic of Moldova on June 1, 2023. The reasons for the refusal were not provided.

“Today, the Moldovan authorities have once again proved that they are playing democracy for show. There can be no question of any observance of freedom of the press and the rule of law in our country when journalists are denied accreditation for such an important event for Moldova as the European Political Community Summit,” said Alexei Lungu, the spokesperson of the Stop Media Ban, a movement of journalists aimed to stop media repressions in Moldova and beyond.

“When we asked about the reasons for denying our accreditation, we received no answer. All state institutions refuse to communicate with our journalists because we cover the events from an independent point of view, which does not suit them. The policy of ignoring journalists is simply disrespectful and not democratic. The fact that we are denied access to an official event without giving any explanation proves once again that the Moldovan government is carrying out severe censorship of the media, thereby undermining the reputation of our state and restricting fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press,” added Lungu.

“According to the Nations in Transit report of the independent research institute Freedom House, democracy in the Republic of Moldova is only 35.71 percent out of 100, and the democracy score is 3.14 out of 7. This result only confirms that the authorities of our country are neglecting democracy and other European values. They do not want to be pointed out for their mistakes, so they keep silent about their totalitarian actions and only allow those media outlets that show Moldovan politicians to the world better than they are. Unfortunately, we do not have democracy and freedom of the press in the country,” stated Lungu.

“Stop Media Ban is entirely on the side of free Moldovan citizens who share European and democratic values and are against Russian influence on Moldova. Our journalists firmly support accession to the European Union and wish our country an excellent quality of life with a prominent future,” concluded Lungu.  

Stop Media Ban is an organization fighting for the freedom of the press.

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