Blog/Moldovan journalists call for the immediate implementation of the Media Freedom Act in the Republic of Moldova 

Moldovan journalists call for the immediate implementation of the Media Freedom Act in the Republic of Moldova 

By Stop Media BanMarch 14, 2024

Journalists from the Stop Media Ban support the approval of the Media Freedom Act in the European Union and call for implementing it into the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

Press Release

Brussels, Belgium, 14 March 2024 – Journalists from the Stop Media Ban welcome the European Parliament’s approval of the Media Freedom Act, adopted yesterday with 464 votes. The aim of the legislation is to protect journalists and media from any political or economic interference across the European Union. “The EU should reassure that Moldova, as an official candidate, will implement respective reforms to its legislation,” says the president of Stop Media Ban Ludmila Belcencova.  

Safeguarding the integrity and independence of journalists and media organisations is crucial for the future of democracy and pluralism in the European Union. We believe that the European Media Freedom Act is a landmark legislation that will encourage proper legal mechanisms for protecting journalists’ rights in Moldova.

Stop Media Ban recognises the document as pivotal in protecting the rights of journalists to do their work without interference, censorship, or threats from the government. 

“We, as Moldovan journalists, have a mission to safeguard the truth and deliver different perspectives on critical issues despite the opinions of the political majority. We face pressure and manipulations from authorities, but the Media Freedom Act has the power to change this. As Moldova persistently paves its way to the EU Member State status, we expect our government to apply a similar law immediately,said Belcencova. 

“As we firmly stand for editorial independence and protection from any interference in the work of the media, we support MEPs in their efforts to not only decrease the number of cases of the media silencing and censorship in the EU but eliminate any possibility of having them. They have endorsed the legislation that gives us hope to bring press freedom back to the Republic of Moldova,” concluded Belcencova. 

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