Blog/Journalists protest in front of the European Parliament in Brussels

Journalists protest in front of the European Parliament in Brussels

By Stop Media BanJune 6, 2023

Stop Media Ban Calls for Press Freedom in Front of the European Parliament

Press Release

Brussels, Belgium, June 6, 2023 – Journalists from the Stop Media Ban Association protest with the words “What about the freedom of speech, EU?” in front of the European Parliament in Brussels. 

Today we came out on a protest to call on the European community to support journalists who stand up for freedom of speech,” said Alexei Lungu, the spokesperson of the Stop Media Ban, a movement of journalists aimed to stop media repressions in Moldova and beyond.

On June 1, the European Political Community Summit took place in the Republic of Moldova. The political elite of Europe did not pay attention to the problem of freedom of speech and freedom of the press in Moldova. Journalists want to remind you that freedom of speech is a human right, and we do not have to fight for it, yet we have to do it. We are here because the Moldovan state has not yet fixed all the issues. A European country must respect freedom of speech and freedom of the press. As a candidate for EU membership, Moldova must be free and democratic in order to become part of the European family,” added Lungu.

Our message is clear: we fight for freedom of speech in Moldova and beyond. We want the European institutions to pay attention to the situation of freedom of speech in our country. Journalists should have the right to speak. People need to be informed. Moldova must respect the rule of law, European and democratic values,” concluded Lungu.

Stop Media Ban is an organization fighting for the freedom of the press.

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