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Journalists call for press freedom in Moldova

By Stop Media BanOctober 4, 2023

Stop Media Ban Calls for Press Freedom in Moldova as the European Parliament Votes on a Resolution on Taking Stock of Moldova’s Path to the EU

Press Release

Chișinău, Moldova, October 4, 2023 – Journalists from Stop Media Ban, an association of journalists and media workers whose rights to free expression have been threatened, call the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Thursday, October 5th voting, to support Moldova’s accession to the European Union. However, it is crucial to ensure that the government of the Republic of Moldova implements the necessary reforms for the accession to the European Union. 

Moldova’s accession to the EU is a cornerstone to secure human rights, including that of press freedom and media pluralism in the country, as stated by Article 11 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights:  

Article 11 – Freedom of expression and information

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.

2. The freedom and pluralism of the media shall be respected. 

Ludmila Belcencova, President and spokesperson of Stop Media Ban states, “Stop Media Ban believes that the future of the Republic of Moldova lies within the European Union. As the path to the EU membership embodies democratic principles, protection of human rights, and the rule of law, the government of Moldova has to commit to these fundamental values in its pursuit of becoming a full member of the EU.” 

And she continues, “Reaching a goal requires determined efforts. The European Union was founded on democratic ideals. Moldova will become an EU member state when its government shares European values and respects all human rights and fundamental freedoms, including those at high risk now, like press freedom. There can be no interference in the work of journalists or censorship, like the ban of independent media or spread of disinformation.”  

“As the European Parliament voted on Tuesday on the European Media Freedom Act and will vote tomorrow on the resolution titled “Taking stock of Moldova’s path to the EU”, we believe that the European Parliament should support Moldova’s accession and keep the Moldovan government accountable to intensify its efforts in the implementation of all comprehensive reforms on democracy, the rule of law and transparent governance.”  

“The European Parliament should take steps to uphold European media freedom regulations in Moldova as a candidate state. This action will ensure the missing media plurality in the country and protect media independence from governmental, political, or economic influence,” concludes Belcencova. 

About Stop Media Ban 

Stop Media Ban is an association of journalists and media workers whose rights to free expression have been threatened, and independent journalists united to create a movement to stop media repressions in Moldova and beyond.

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