Blog/In Strasbourg, Stop Media Ban Raises Concerns on Media Freedom in Europe

In Strasbourg, Stop Media Ban Raises Concerns on Media Freedom in Europe

By Stop Media BanApril 30, 2024

Strasbourg, France — April 30, 2024 – Stop Media Ban, a leading advocate for press freedom, has voiced serious concerns regarding the state of media freedom in Europe. Ludmila Belcencova, president of Stop Media Ban, recently visited Strasbourg during the European Parliament’s plenary session to address these issues. 

Belcencova’s mission in Strasbourg was to draw attention to the escalating threats to media freedom across Europe, particularly in Moldova which recently witnesses a broad media ban. She engaged with several Members of the European Parliament and Ambassadors from the Permanent Representation to the Council of Europe to emphasize the critical need for robust protection of press freedom. 

“European Union is about European values, European human rights. Freedom of expression and information are cornerstones of democracy”, stated Ludmila Belcencova “However, we are witnessing a concerning trend in countries like Moldova, Hungary, and Slovakia, where media freedom is under siege. Upholding the rule of law, especially in safeguarding journalistic freedoms, is imperative.” 

During her visit, Belcencova met representatives and ambassadors to the council of Europe, particularly with Ms. Louisa Børresen, Deputy to the Permanent Mission of Norway to the Council of Europe and H.E. Ambassador at Permanent Mission of Estonia to the Council of Europe Rasmus Lumi who agreed that media ban in Moldova poses a significant threat to democracy. Belcencova also met with the Diplomatic Attaché to Belgium’s Permanent Representation to the Council of Europe Ms. Sarah van Buggenhout who is following up on the ongoing media crackdowns in Moldova, currently being reviewed at the European Court of Human Rights. 

During the visit, Belcencova also engaged with members of the European Parliament, who in turn acknowledged the urgent need for enhanced press rights protection in Moldova, emphasizing the importance of aligning with European values. 

“Moldova aspires to EU membership, but without a robust legal framework protecting media from undue government interference, our democratic aspirations and European future are at risk,” Belcencova emphasized. “Recent actions, such as the arbitrary suspension of more than thirteen TV channel licenses, threaten our democratic fabric. We urge the European Union to uphold its principles and reject such infringements.”

Stop Media Ban is dedicated to combating media repression and defending democracy and human rights. Established in Moldova following widespread media censorship, the organization advocates for effective media protection mechanisms both locally and internationally. For more information about Stop Media Ban and its advocacy efforts, please visit

Press Contact:
Ludmila Belcencova
President of Stop Media Ban


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