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A group of journalists from Chisinau, ask for support from the European community

By Carolina BetivuMarch 27, 2023

In Moldova, freedom of the press is violated, and opposition journalists are considered opponents by the politicians. This is also proved by the decision of the Commission for Exceptional Situations, which in December 2022, ordered the suspension of the broadcasting license of six TV stations for “propaganda through silence” and “disinformation”, even though we have never been sanctioned or warned for the things mentioned in the decision.

Even so, we have not stopped our work, but we have tried to be heard through online platforms and asked for help from the European community. Unfortunately, for three months, our license has not yet been restored, and special attention has not been paid to the issue of mass media banned in Moldova. However, we haven’t and won’t let our hands down. We continue to reflect the real situation in the Republic of Moldova and talk about the policy promoted by Chisinau, which is far from respecting the commitments of integration into the European Union, but beats democracy and pluralism of opinion, especially in relation to those who do not share the same ideas. That is why we believe that these practices only move our country away from European values and its international commitments.

In this context, we want to remind political actors that the press is the best guarantee for the functioning of democratic institutions, and the actions of the government in Chisinau, which tries to silence us, are not compatible with a democratic society and violate the pluralism of opinion. We will continue to say that we are not a threat to our country’s security, we are not promoting another state’s policy, nor have we manipulated public opinion, as the authorities state in the Commission for Exceptional Situations decision. Our licenses were suspended illegally, without evidence and without a court decision, as is normal in a rule of law and EU candidate country. In fact, the key to the problem is that we do not like the regime in Chisinau.

But we firmly say that every pressure arouses resistance from our side, which means that we will fight for our rights, for press freedom and journalistic independence.

We ask the European Union institutions to raise our problem with the leaders of Chisinau. We want to have freedom of expression, to have access to information, to have our right to speak and to respect the citizen’s right to information from any media source. We journalists don’t want to be divided into ours and yours. We say, “Stop Censorship”. We ask for support from the European community – Journalists in Moldova need protection and safety.

We demand respect for the rights of journalists. We do not want to be influenced by the political interests of the government. We want to show the real problems that citizens face.

We want to highlight the progress, but also the failures of the authorities. To criticize where appropriate, but also to report fairly and honestly on events of public interest.

We don’t want to be infringed by journalistic rights because we have a different approach to events than officials.

We count on your understanding and hope that you will intervene in this matter, and we will continue to do our job honestly and fairly.

Originally published on Europe Right Now.


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