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Safeguarding freedom of the press in Moldova. Petition to the European Parliament.

Stop Media Ban is petitioning the Members of the European Parliament to safeguard the freedom of the press in Moldova. Since 2022, the Moldovan government has shut down 13 television channels and dozens of media outlets under the pretense of a state of emergency.


As a candidate for European Union membership, Moldova is required to comply with European Union values and principles. However, media repression and censorship go against Article 11 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, which proclaims that everyone has the right to freedom of expression without interference from the government.

Since 2022, Moldovan government shut down 13 TV channels and dozens media outlets without judicial oversight

According to the Democracy Index 2022 of the EIU, Moldova has flawed democracy and ranks 69 out of 167 countries

68% of the Moldovan population believe that the decision of shut down media is an abuse of power

We call on the European Parliament to take decisive action to address the challenges faced by journalists and media outlets in Moldova.

The European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) aims to safeguard press freedom and media independence, which are essential pillars of democracy. A complete and effective implementation of the EMFA in Moldova is a fundamental prerequisite not only for Moldova’s membership in the EU but also for the country’s democratic future.

Sign our petition today. Join us to support freedom of expression in Moldova.

Together, we urge the European Parliament to:

1. Condemn restrictive measures against journalists and media freedom in Moldova and call on the Moldovan government to ensure journalists’ safety and protection.

2. Advocate for legislative reforms to strengthen media independence and pluralism in Moldova, including amendments to prevent censorship and undue government influence.

3. Urge for the prompt implementation of the European Media Freedom Act in Moldova as a fundamental step in advancing membership negotiations. Effective application and enforcement of the EMFA should accompany judicial, administrative, and economic reforms to meet the accession criteria (Article 49 of the TEU).

4. Monitor the press freedom situation in Moldova and hold the Moldovan government accountable for its international human rights obligations.


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Learn more about the current state of press freedom in the Republic of Moldova, which has experienced several civil rights violations due to decisions taken by the authorities.